Join us
Saturday, Sept 28
9am – 12pm
Community Garden Tour Albuquerque


OPEN FOR THE TOUR 9 am – 11 am

Growing Awareness Urban Farm

Neighborhood residents come to the Urban Farm to spend some time learning and working on the greenhouses, seasonal plant starters, honey and more.   They’re developing a model for a DIY (do it yourself) chicken coop for local neighbors with UNM Architecture students. As a social enterprise, the urban farm supports community based programs with East Central Ministries.

Location: 123 Vermont NE, 3 blocks west of Wyoming, just north of Central.


Eagle’s Nest Garden

The garden serves as a place for exploration into the way we connect to real food as well as the patterns and systems that make up our world.  Students work in the garden with members of the NM Food Corps, their families and the local community. The coordinators hope to cultivate many different ecosystems and microclimates in the garden space, serving as a platform for community gatherings, experiential learning, connections to nature, curiousness, and creativity.

Location:  Kirtland Elementary School, 3530 Gibson Blvd SE, SW corner of Carlisle. The garden is located in the far SW corner of the school.

The 2 gardens below are OPEN 9 AM – Noon

International District Community Garden / Project Feed the Hood

The garden is a place for low-income and people of color persons to learn and grow food. The garden is on land owned by the City Aviation Department, obtained with the help of Councilor Rey Garduño. Workshops and events are held at the garden, co-hosted with neighborhood locals, organizations and professionals to support food, fitness and health. The garden collaborates with several local schools, with students of all ages.  A seed library is underway with expanding varieties including corn and sorrel seeds brought from Africa.

The day of the tour: SWOP’s Tierra Del Sol Festival, in the park at Park Ave. and 10 St. SW until 4 pm!  Everyone is welcome.

Location: 1410 Wellesley SE, to the northwest of Carlisle and Gibson

Villa Nueva Senior Apartments 

The garden at Villa Nueva Sr. Apartments is nurtured by several residents. In its third year, the group uses garden boxes containing vegetables and companion plants. The harvest is shared with other residents in the apartment community, and they are making plans for more next year!  The gardeners will be at the site to talk with visitors.

Location: 990 18th Street NW – go to the end of Zearing Rd. NW.  Located within Sawmill Community Land Trust, north of Mountain Rd. and east of Rio Grande Blvd.

For more detail see map.

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