2014 Community Potlucks

2014 Santa Fe Community Homesteading Potluck Gatherings

The goal of our potlucks is to bring people together and organically create an environment of education between the different levels of experience. Come if you are a novice, an expert, or anything in between in the topics of gardening, beekeeping, backyard chicken coops and urban farming. This year we will also have a ‘Question and Answer section’ at each potluck for anybody that has questions about their garden and a show and tell if someone has something to share with gardeners.

Bring a dish to share with the group. We want this to be a zero waste event so please bring a plate, silverware and a cup. We have reusable dishes to use at our potlucks.

DATES: Potluck dates will move around a bit but we  have them on a Wednesday in the middle of each Month-February through October (check dates below for exact date)



WEDNESDAY, August 13

Time: 6-8 pm

LOCATION: WHOLE FOODS COMMUNITY ROOM-(the small Whole Foods on Cordova and St. Francis)

Topic: Discussion of what to plant for fall and the Garden Tour


Here are the rest of the dates for the year:
Wednesday, July 16 6 pm-8 pm
Wednesday, August 13 6 pm-8 pm
Wednesday, September 10 6 pm-8 pm

Home Grown New Mexico hopes to continue to communicate these events and add more speakers and activities to our calendar. To facilitate this there is a suggested donation of $5. For more information on the potlucks, email homegrownnewmexico1@gmail.com or call 505-983-9706

PAST POTLUCKS-you missed it! Come to the next one above!

Time: 6-8 pm
-(the small Whole Foods on Cordova and St. Francis)
GUEST SPEAKER: ‘The Tomato Lady’
Location: at the Whole Foods Community Room (Cordova and St. Francis location).

‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, will talk about pests that are in our gardens now and what we can do about them. Flea beetles, grape eating caterpillars, tomato hornworms, aphids, cabbage loopers and grasshoppers are a few of the culprits visiting the garden now. Come learn how to deal with these organically! Bring your questions. We ask a $5 donation but free when you are a member!)

Time: 6-8 pm
-(the small Whole Foods on Cordova and St. Francis)
Erin will talk about creating ’4 Season Harvests in the High Desert’

In 2000, Erin O’Neill moved to Santa Fe in 2000 , where she continued her work in educational gardening in various capacities, most recently as the garden consultant for the Culinary Arts Garden on the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) campus. The garden was recently honored with a Sustainable Santa Fe award as an innovative food production system, and O’Neill was recognized for her dedicated efforts at the college. Before the 16-bed garden and 21-tree fruit orchard came to fruition, it was “just an empty dirt courtyard” outside the East Wing Eatery. Its evolution into an award-winning food production system began several years ago.’ Excerpts taken from The New Mexican in an article written about Erin O’Neill and the SFCC Culinary Gardens.

In addition, Erin O’Neill also co-founded Radical Homemakers along with Arinna Pittman of Permaculture Institute and Kyce Bello.  Radical Homemakers are people from all walks of life who are reclaiming the home as a site for political and ecological activism. Radical Homemaking is a journey of discovery as we reconnect with life skills and our unique purpose and passion in the name of making a better world and life. You can find more about Erin on her website seedsandstones


WEDNESDAY, May 14 Time: 6-8 pm
GUEST SPEAKER:Amanda Bramble
Amanda is the director of Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center. She and her husband Andy built their home off the grid in the Cerrillos/Madrid area of NM and it grew into a demonstration site for sustainable living.

Amanda’s professional background is in ecological restoration. Her passion for this work comes from a deep love for the workings of ecological systems. An early commitment to discovering harmony between human systems and ecological systems led to an exploration of organic agriculture and permaculture while she was still a teenager.

Amanda’s favorite accomplishments are embodied in the land of Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center where she has lived for the last decade. She designed and helped build an excellently functioning off grid passive solar house that reclaims waste water and grows food. She has guided the development of the passive solar techniques and appropriate technologies on site, having designed and directed the construction of nearly all of the systems that keep people fed, clean and appropriately temperature moderated on site.

She has been teaching about land restoration and organic agriculture since the mid 1990s, and about passive solar design, permaculture and appropriate technologies for the last eight years. She appreciates the rain and sun and earth through the way she lives her life. Sharing this with others is her greatest joy.

WEDNESDAY, April 16 from 6-8
Reese Baker, owner and founder of The RainCatcher Inc., has been involved with construction, organic farming, sustainability and permaculture in Santa Fe for over 15 years. He will discuss drylands permaculture design techniques to create long term sustainable landscapes. Reese believes Permaculture design can help us create sustainable landscapes that build soil, grow food for us and wildlife, conserve water, moderate flood and drought conditions, moderate temperature fluctuations, create natural habitats, regulate pests and increase biodiversity. You won’t want to miss this one!

THURSDAY,  March 27 from 6-8 pm
Thomas Guthrie will discuss his research on efforts to revitalize local, small-scale agriculture in northern New Mexico and why he thinks strengthening home economies is important, the significance of disengaging from a capitalist economy at the home level, and his experience working with the Transition movement (an international movement that promotes relocalization in the face of climate change, resource depletion, and economic instability).

THURS. February 27-6-8 pm
Jannine Cabossel, The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market will be the guest speaker. Jannine will give tips about early spring gardening and will answer your spring gardening questions.

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