Thank You!

Thank you for making the first annual Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour an amazing success.  We enjoyed spending the day with all 350 of you.  There were edible gardens, bees, beekeepers, baby goats, fruit trees, herbs, ducks, chickens and chicken coops…even a chicken casita.  The homeowners did a fantastic job of showing their ideas for making great soil, vertical planting areas, temperature-controlled raised beds, permaculture, water catchment and a constructed wetlands using greywater.  Sixty volunteers greeted everyone and supported the locations.  Thank you to our sponsor Whole Foods for cold drinks!  The volunteers all thank sponsor Joe’s Diner and Whole Foods for feeding them a great lunch.  We also want to acknowledge the Feed Bin for helping with drinks, Eldorado Garden Tour for signs and Paul Navrot for the map. A special thank you to the Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers Association and Master Gardeners for sharing your expertise with everyone.  We hope to see you at future potlucks, education events and tours.

2 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Nadine Stafford

    Thanks to Amy, Lisa and the others who did the heavy lifting of organizing this fun and inspiring tour!


  2. really enjoyed the tour – learned that inline drip from Firebird is a preferred irrigation, raised bed is the majority, prepare for animals to want your garden too, saw the hinged ‘hoop house” and Topbar hive, berries do well here and that was an incredible wall of asparagus.


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