Food Preservation Discussion- Sept 3

Food Preservation Discussion
Saturday, September 3

This will be a discussion at Milagro Community Garden.  Amy Hetager from the garden and Home Grown New Mexico will have recipes and tips to handout.  Topics will include refrigerator pickled vegetables, drying and basics on hot water bath canning.  Come join the conversation with your tips.

COST: Suggested $5 donation to community garden

LOCATION: Milagro Community Garden on Legacy and Rodeo Road.  Turn on Legacy and the parking lot is on the right, behind the Lutheran Church of the Servant.  Call 473-1403 or email for questions.

5 responses to “Food Preservation Discussion- Sept 3

  1. I’m confused, because it is said that at anything over 5000 ft, water boils too low to kill pathogens, and that one must pressure can all but the most acidic foods. You’re teaching hot water bath, but not pressure canning. ??


    • Miranda,
      You are correct that water bath canning is only for highly acidic foods. We will only have 20-30 minutes for each topic and will discuss tomatoes (with lemon juice), fruit and chile. Pressure canning is a more complex process and should be understood before trying. I recommend canning with an experienced person, reading a book or taking a class. We will look at a pressure canning class for our education series. If we locate any classes in New Mexico, they will be posted on our Community Calendar page of the website. Let me know if you have additional questions. Amy


  2. My understanding from all the canning books is that you must Increase the process time or canner pressure to compensate for lower boiling temperatures at higher altitudes. For water boiling method in Santa Fe, add 1 minute for every 1000 feet above sea level. So if your recipe says to water boil it for 12 minutes, you should water boil it with our altitude for 19 minutes. I’ve been doing this for years without any problems for pickling foods where we add acid via vinegar. Most high acid foods include fruit. On the other hand low-acid foods include spaghetti sauce, red meats, seafood, poultry, milk, and ALL fresh vegetables EXCEPT for most tomatoes. They should be used with pressure canners following directions and adding 1/2 pound pressure extra for each 1000 feet altitude above sea level. To be safe with tomatoes, if you are going to water boil them, add some lemon juice to acidify them. Getting yourself a good canning book will give you all the info you will need.


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