Potluck September 27

Community Homesteading Potluck Gatherings
The Fourth Tuesday of Every Month
Santa Fe Complex
Grow, Raise, Cook, Preserve
Teach, Learn, Mentor, Share

The Santa Fe Complex and Home Grown New Mexico continue the Community Homesteading Potluck Gatherings at the Santa Fe Complex. They take place on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Next event is Tuesday, September 27th at 6:30pm

  • Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Swap
    This will work like a seed swap where you bring a bundle of greens, squash, small basket of tomatoes or whatever produce that you want to share with the community or donate.  This was planned at request of potluck attendees.  Please keep it to produce for this swap and let us know if you have additional ideas for future events.  All extras will be donated to the Food Depot.
  • The Pollinator Project
    This speaker was changed to September so you did not miss them at the August potluck!  Loretta McGrath and Tawnya Laveta will speak
    about their group that is teaching people to create and support a pollinator-friendly environment.  Come learn the basics, how to get involved and how to contact them.
  • Homesteading and Urban Farming Project
    Poki will speak about the Dandelion Ranch with 1 acre of land where a family is urban farming in Santa Fe.
  • Iginia Boccalandro will discuss the Carbon Economy Series including Carbon Farming and Regenerative Agriculture Series workshops.  Their next event is Friday, October 14 at 7pm on Living Soil.  The weekend event is with Dr. Elaine Ingham on the Soil Food Web.

The goal of our potlucks is to bring individuals together and organically create an environment of education between the different levels of experience. Come if you are a novice, an expert, or anything in between in the topics of gardening, beekeeping, backyard chicken coops and urban farming.

Bring a dish to share with the group. We want this to be a zero waste event so please bring a plate, silverware and a cup.  You could even bring your dish or drink in a reusable container.

Bring food donations for the Food Depot.  They will accept locally grown produce, canned goods or dry packaged food.  We will be delivering these donations to the Food Depot at all future potluck events.

Home Grown New Mexico hopes to continue to communicate these events and add more speakers and activities to our calendar. To facilitate this there is a suggested donation of $5 or more. The Santa Fe Complex is located at 632 Agua Fria Street with parking off Romero Street before the Ark Bookstore and visit http://sfcomplex.org/ for more detailed directions. For more information on the potlucks, email homegrownnewmexico@gmail.com or call 473-1403.


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