Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is on the way and gardening can have a new start for greens, root vegetables and cool season crops like peas. Home Grown New Mexico held two fall gardening classes in July to prepare us for planting in August. Jermaine Fairgood and Juaquin Lawrence Hershman taught the classes. Jermaine works with the Santa Fe Community Farm, helped start the La Familia Community Garden and is working with the Earth Care Community Garden this year. Jermaine gave advice on planting greens such as swiss chard and collards for the fall and winter gardens. Juaquin is a master horticulturist and has experience with bio-dynamic gardens in Colorado, New York and New Mexico.  Here are notes from Juaquin’s class last week.  He can be reached for additional questions at juaquinlawrence@gmail.com.

Notes from Juaquin’s Fall Gardening Class
July 31st Potluck Class

Companion Plants
Cabbage, Dill & Chamomile
Carrots & Leeks
Stinging Nettles & Mint
Kohlrabi, Beets, Onions & Chives
Lettuce, Carrots, Radishes & Spinach
Swiss Chard, Endives & Cabbage

Catch Crops (Ground Cover)
Let them grow in between your crops to keep the ground warm and reduce weeds

Stellaria Media (Chickweed)
Miners Lettuce
Lambs Quarters (Goosefoot)

Green Manure
Plant to help soil be improved for next spring
Fava Bean
Rye Grass
Austrian Winter Peas

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