Re: Mike Event This Weekend

Re:Mike is a community event that will include creative approaches to re-energize St Michael’s Drive and Central Santa Fe.  To help develop a strong agricultural future for the St. Michael’s Drive District, Home Grown New Mexico was recruited to collaborate creatively with some of Santa Fe’s brightest visionaries including Ben Haggard, Nate Downey, Richard Jennings, Aaron Kauffman, and Erin Lloyd on issues surrounding stormwater and its potential to irrigate gardens and farms that supply kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants with fresh, local produce.

We hope that you join us for this free event on Friday, Sept 21 from 5pm-10pm, Saturday, September 22 from 11am-1pm, or Sunday from 11am-3pm at St. Michaels Village West (Llano Street and St. Michael’s Drive).


Home Grown New Mexico is proud to announce that both Richard Jennings (Earthwrights Designs) and Aaron Kauffman (Southwest Urban Hydrology) will be tour guides for their respective work at Salazar Elementary and at the La Farge Public Library.

Saturday, Sept 22 and Sunday, Sept 23
1:00pm Meet at the Home Grown New Mexico booth for the Library Tour
1:15pm Leave the booth to walk to the library
1:30pm Tour of the La Farge library’s new water catchment system with Aaron Kauffman

Saturday, Sept 22 ONLY
3:00pm Meet at the Home Grown New Mexico booth for the School Tour
3:15pm Leave the booth to walk to the school
3:30pm Tour Salazar Elementary School with Richard Jennings

During the event, sidewalk chalk will be used to ‘daylight’ the Arroyo de los Pinos that currently flows beneath the asphalt of St. Michael’s Drive.  Also, Home Grown New Mexico will also have a truck farm and pallet farm to demonstrate ways of growing crops in parking lots, roof tops, and places where cultivating soil may be impractical.

Here is more information from Re: Mike on the event. We hope that you visit for details.

Let’s RE:INVENT Central Santa Fe together! The time has come to take a long look at the Saint Michael’s Drive Corridor and identify what’s important, what’s missing, and what Santa Feans want for the future of this important area!

Check out the full (and evolving) schedule of events at

We’ll be demonstrating ways to consider the future of energy, water, transportation, entrepreneurship and housing in Santa Fe’s geographic and population center. Check out an array of artists, temporary businesses, projects and local organizations…

…But most of all: Have a rollicking good time and enjoy the experience of Saint Michael’s Drive as a vibrant city center that serves the needs of the university, the hospital, the surrounding neighborhoods and the larger local population.

Lots of live music (starting with A Hawk and a Hacksaw at 8 pm on Friday night)

Creative Santa Fe Presents Candy Chang (6 pm on Friday)

Tractor Brewery showcases its fabulous suds with a one-of-a-kind beer plaza. (Friday and Saturday)

YouthWorks throws a lowrider and classic car show (Saturday)

Wise Fool previews its new rig and about-to-go-on-tour SEA SAW performance (Saturday)

Electric Cars Charge and Parade for National Plug In Day (Sunday)

And a fistful of artists projects, awesome films, great grub, fantastical projections and inspiring opportunities to have your say on the future.

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