Here is a great series of articles from Jannine Cabossel on labeling genetically engineered foods in our state. There is a petition to sign in the post and come to our potluck on Tuesday, Jan 29 to meet Food and Water Watch and get involved in the process.


This is the second part on GMO foods in grocery stores. The first part can be found here. Another big deal in regards to GMOs is lack of labeling. The companies that sell GE produce or use GE foods in their products are not required to label their products that may contain some GE foods in them. Pharmaceutical drugs must have labeling, artificial sweeteners have labeling, cigarette companies have labeling but GE or GMO foods do not have to have labeling. Depressing isn’t it. What can you do?

If you want to sign a petition requiring GE labeling mandatory, sign this petition and it will get to our NM legislature. There is currently a bill in the NM legislature (SB 18-an amendment to the NM Food Act) that is being brought up in this session to have mandatory food labeling of all GE food items in New Mexico. The…

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