2013-RSVP for Education Classes

Our first class was “How to Make Jerky” by the Monte Vista Organic Farm and we had 25 attendees. They did a great job showing us how to select meat, cut the jerky, season it and dry it.  (watch for a post on it with photos)

The great thing about the class is we knew how many people were coming, based on our RSVP link.  Eventbrite is the new application that we use to place our free tickets online and allow people to let us know they will attend. It is very easy to RSVP and if you are on Facebook, it is only one click. RSVP for multiple people if your family is coming. You can help get the word out by sharing it on your Facebook. We will not need your ticket. People can also decide not to come and let us know online. Here is what you see when you click to attend.

Picture 1

In 2012, we had a wide variety of people attend our classes.  Some had five people and some had forty people. It is helpful to know how to set-up chairs and the room for the number that we anticipate. This system will also help us to plan events at locations that can serve us in Santa Fe and other cities where we open classes.

This application also has our contact phone and email if you have questions about the class in the top right corner.  There is a map if you are confused which Whole Foods or other location (this Saturday the class is at Whole Foods on Cerrillos). It will also give the description of the class and a photo.

Home Grown New Mexico would also like feedback from our classes. There will be a card available at each class to give us details on the instructor, class and ideas for other classes.

Please give us feedback on this process.  We hope that you will come to the free classes and share us on Facebook.

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