Planting Peas

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Community Gardens

Peas should be planted on St. Patrick’s Day or in the following weeks.  Holidays are my dates for planting and March 17 has enough sun and warmth to grow peas in Santa Fe.  The pea plants will stop growing in hot weather.  Plant them early to have a harvest before the hot weather arrives in June.

Here are some photos from Milagro Community Garden where we planted them the last week in March.  Tips are below for sprouting and growing the peas.



  • St. Patrick’s Day is a good planting date
  • 60-70 day plants (date that you will receive vegetables from date that you plant), depending on variety
  • Pre-sprouting peas is a good idea. Germinate @ 70 degrees, but grow in cold weather
    • Soak in a bowl of water in the house for 24 hours, no longer
    • Add half of a 150mg Vitamin C tablet in a quart of…

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