Spring Freeze Warning

The snow is starting to fall for our freeze tonight and tomorrow night in Santa Fe.  It is forecast to be 25 degrees tonight so cover your vegetable plants tonight. The cool season crops can take a freeze so spinach, kale, swiss chard and cabbage can live if they are covered with row cover. If you are brave and have warm season plants outside, they need to be covered with row cover and some plastic to keep it warm overnight.  Take off the plastic in the morning when the sun comes back so your plants do not get too hot.

What is Row Cover?
Row Cover is a material that allows UV rays from the sun and air through to continue to grow the plants while they are covered for wind or cold weather. It can also stay on the plants while you water so leave it on until June. You can buy at local nurseries such as Payne’s. This was discussed in the season extension class last weekend and it can be ordered in larger amounts online.

Let us know your tips for the spring freeze.


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