2013-Classes This Weekend June 15 & 16

 Here are the two classes from this weekend.  Please sign-up online.

BeeBees & Pollination
Saturday, June 15, 2013 10-12pm
Santa Fe Skies- Indoor Class
14 Browncastle Ranch (end of Cerrillos at Hwy 14 &599)
Enjoy breakfast from Crumpackers Bakery and Cafe

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The pollination process is necessary for most of our important commercial food and nursery crops. The honeybee is the major pollinator for crops such as grapes, onions, the cucurbits, almonds and fruit crops.  Although there are other pollinators, the farmers of these crops would loose most of their production without the honeybee. This class will provide an in depth look at the pollination process and its relationship with the honeybee. It will include the results of an ongoing study of the garden and wild plants in the Santa Fe area that are available throughout the year to honeybees. An emphasis will be placed on the identification and flowering schedules of the plants most visited by the bees.

Ken Bower has had a passion for growing plants and vegetables since his youth. Living in Santa Fe for the past 14 years, he and his wife created Eldorado Windy Farm. He completed the Master Gardener course in 2001, sells his lavender products and beeswax at the Eldorado Farmer’s Market and assists friends the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.  Ken is also a beekeeper and active member of the Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers Association.  For the past couple years Ken has been actively recording the flowering schedules of plants to determine which pollens are most sought after by his bees.

JannineOrganic Pest Control
Sunday, June 16
Frenchy’s Community Garden
Presented with City of Santa Fe Parks Division

Please RSVP for class

(Park on Osage and Agua Fria and walk to garden.  Past the playground, labryinth and garden in a black fence.  Class is past the garden to the right of orchard on park tables)

Jannine Cabossel, a Master Gardener and ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers Market will teach a class on how to control pests and diseases. Jannine has extensive experience in growing vegetables on her 2000 square foot garden using all organic methods. Follow her blog at giantveggiegardener.com. Suggested $10 donation or become a member for $35.

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