In Memory of Amy Hetager

Amy Hetager ThumbnailHome Grown New Mexico was originally founded by Lisa Styles and Don Young. They invited Amy Hetager to join along with Duskin Jasper after a year of their developing it. Together they founded and all breathed life into Home Grown New Mexico.

Thursday morning, Amy Hetager,  co-founder of Home Grown New Mexico and friend to many, lost her battle with cancer after 5 years. She died peacefully with her family around her. She was 40 years old.

Amy was a remarkable person never giving in to her discomfort or pain—in fact many people didn’t even know she had cancer. She was always moving forward with her vision for Home Grown New Mexico. She helped create The Santa Fe Seed Exchange, Home Grown New Mexico Community Potlucks to bring gardeners together, scheduled many classes to educate the public, was involved with all the community gardens and of course helped create the very popular ‘Santa Fe Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour’  She brought Home Grown New Mexico down to Albuquerque where she had another ‘Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour as well last year. Amy was involved with many organizations within our community.  She was an active member and gardener of Milagro Community Garden and Frenchy’s Community Garden where she shared her joy of gardening. Amy was also a Master Gardener where she was on their Board of Directors last year.

When Amy was told when she was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago by her doctors, they told her to get a good hobby that she could focus on, so she helped create Home Grown New Mexico and accomplished so many things for our organization in such a short period of time. She was a woman with a vision, a woman with a dream of building a community of people interested in growing,  harvesting, and processing their own food—of becoming more sustainable.  All of her community is feeling the giant void now without her. She will be sorely missed by all. Many of us will carry on her vision with Home Grown New Mexico but it won’t be easy-she has some big shoes to fill.

We’ll keep you updated as to her memorial and details as they unfold. Please note: I originally said Wednesday but it was actually Thursday.

11 responses to “In Memory of Amy Hetager

  1. I feel blessed and honored to have known her for the short time that I did. What a beautiful person inside and out. She was one of the first people I met after starting my extension job and she was so kind and welcoming. My heartfelt sympathy goes to her family and friends.
    Cydney Martin


  2. Not only was Amy a blessing to our Santa Fe community, she was an inspiration to all of us who knew her. Never, in spite of all she was going through, did she complain or not have a smile to greet us. Thank you Amy, for demonstrating your determination and fortitude and showing us how to live. We will miss you, but never forget you.
    Pat Marciano, LOMB


  3. Catherine Molland

    This news is so incredibly sad, Amy was such a sweet soul. So kind, so giving of herself. I am just heartbroken about her passing. I didn’t even know she had cancer. My heart goes out to all her family and friends….


  4. I am sad for the loss of Amy, for her family and the community of gardeners in Santa Fe. We have lost a champion gardner. Amy was so kind and patient, gentle and giving. She was always willing to take time to answer my questions, and she taught new gardeners at Milagro to love and appreciate the bounty of the earth. She will be sorely missed and never replaced.


  5. I am so sorry to read to read this news. Amy was an amazing person and such a phenomenal gift to our community.

    Love & Light ❤


  6. Devastating news. Amy was everything you described and an asset to our community. She brought energy to our work and was such a joy to work with! May her light shine on through all of us who knew her and worked with her.


  7. Is there any word on a memorial or services?


  8. Amy will be missed by many. She was such a loving soul. My friend, Amy truly inspired me with her courage and smiles to be a better person.


  9. No words can express the sorrow that I feel for the loss of Amy, such a good, happy soul. I am blessed to have known her and she showed me how to smile through tough times, which I am still learning to do. Good-bye, Amy, I will miss you. Prayers for her family and friends.


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