Amy’s Memorial-Sunday April 27th, 2014

Please write this date/time down from this post as we need to keep updating you on our classes for this month on these posts-I know Amy wants us to continue her vision!

From Tony Ballantine, Amy Hetager’s partner-
Sunday APRIL 27th @ 1pm! That is the date! We will gather and celebrate Amy’s life. The memorial will be at the Lutheran Church of the Servant right off Rodeo Road- 2481 Legacy Court Santa Fe NM. This is the Church that owns the Milagro Community Garden. This is the garden that was pivotal in Amy’s Santa Fe adventure. As for my friends and family… I promise you will not burst into flames upon entry… I didn’t! This is a very hip earthy church with a very cool Pastor by the name of Sonnie Eriksen Fish. Sonnie is joyful woman that knew Amy and was thrilled to help us out. After the Memorial, about 2pm we will walk across the parking lot to the community garden where we will share stories and touch the soil that brought so much happiness to Amy’s life. I imagine the next stop on the celebration tour will be 2nd street brewery (the one on 2nd street)- I am sure Amy would want all of her family and friends to have a beverage in her honor! So please join us in the celebration of Amy’s perfect life!

3 responses to “Amy’s Memorial-Sunday April 27th, 2014

  1. Dear Home Grown, I’d like to make a donation in honor of Amy Hetager’s dear life. I’d prefer to have a mailing address rather than do over internet.
    Thanks, Alma Best


  2. I wish I could have been there. I think of Amy often and miss her very much.


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