July is an exciting month for Home Grown New Mexico and why you should become a member NOW!

July is an exciting month for Home Grown New Mexico. We have 4 things happening this month that you should be interested in! All of them fantastic! We are also encouraging all of you who have not joined this year  ($35-a bargain) to JOIN NOW because IF YOU DO, ALL THE FOLLOWING EVENTS ARE FREE!!

1. The first is our Community Potluck Wednesday, July 16th at the Whole Foods Community Room (Cordova and St. Francis location). ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, will talk about pests that are in our gardens now and what we can do about them. Flea beetles, grape eating caterpillars, tomato hornworms, aphids, cabbage loopers and grasshoppers are a few of the culprits visiting the garden now. Come learn how to deal with these organically! Bring your questions. We ask a $5 donation but free when you are a member!)

2. We have 2 terrific classes this month. They are both on the weekend of Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20th. The first one is about rain catchment and this is the year to find out how to capture the rain as we are in an El Nino effect which should produce rain  (finally) with the monsoons we will get:

Sat. July 19, 10 am to 1 pm
Creating a Rain Barrel & Rain Catchment
Learn how to make your own rain barrel and learn all about rain catchment
Instructor: Amanda Bramble
Location: Milagro Community Garden (Off Rodeo Road east of Sam’s Club-Turn north onto Legacy Court. Garden is behind the church, ‘Church of the Servant’ on corner)
RSVP to 505-983-9706 or email: homegrownnewmexico1@gmail.com (You will not be contacted back, we just need to know how many are coming for printing handouts.)

Learn how to make your own rain barrel with this hands-on workshop. We will demo how to turn an ordinary 55 gallon drum into a rain barrel. The class will also cover the basic elements of rain collection systems including sizing and sitting your tank as well as keeping the water clean. We will also discuss accessories like tank gauges, first flush systems, and filters for DIY systems. Amanda Bramble is the director of Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center in Cerrillos, NM (www.ampersandproject.org).  Suggested $10 donation or become a 2014 Member for $35 –all free classes, potlucks and tour.

3. The second class is one we’re excited about. Jannine Cabossel and Duskin Jasper are teaching a ‘Jamming Jam’ class on making jam but not just ordinary jam- we will focus on using some unusual ingredients with our fruit to make some new artisan jams! Here it is:

Sunday, July 20, 10 am to 1 pm
‘Jamming Jam Class’
Jam Making ClassLearn how to make and can your own artisan jam using fresh fruit and unusual ingredients

Instructors: Jannine Cabossel/Duskin Jasper
Location: Whole Food’s Community Room (St. Francis location)
RSVP to 505-983-9706 or email: homegrownnewmexico1@gmail.com
(You will not be contacted back, we really need to know how many are coming for printing handouts and for getting our ingredients and jars.)

In this preservation class, you will learn how to make and process jams with available seasonal fruit. The twist on this jam session is our emphasis will be on adding unusual ingredients to make unique artisan jams. We will hand out recipes. We will also go over basic canning processes. You’ll get a jar of jam to take home! Come jam with us! Suggested $10 donation or become a 2014 Member for $35-free classes, potlucks and tour.

4. Lastly and the ‘creme de la creme’ event this year. This is our major fundraiser to provide all these great classes and workshops throughout the year:

FINAL 2014 HGNM KItchen Garden Tour

Our 4th Annual Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour on Sunday, July 27  from 9 am – 2 pm. You don’t want to miss this one as it will be outstanding. Come get inspired for your own gardens! Come see five of Santa Fe’s most inspirational gardens.  Pick up ideas that you can use at your place or just enjoy these beautiful edible and functional landscapes.

‘The 5 properties on the tour this year will feature many gardening ideas—beautiful vegetable gardens, backyard chicken coops, beehives, composting, greywater systems, hoophouses, a neighborhood community farm, permaculture sites, edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting systems.’
Excerpts from: Edible Magazine, our premiere sponsor
Other contributing sponsors for the tour are: Whole Foods, Joes’ Diner and Osuna Nursery

Tickets are only $25 for this great community event.  All proceeds go towards supporting Home Grown New Mexico’s classes and events.

Go to our  2014 Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour page for more info and to purchase tickets.

The tour is self paced and owners will be present along with Master Gardeners to answer your questions. You can purchase tickets online or at each house with cash or check OR if you want to use a credit card the day of the event, you’ll have to go to the first house on the tour as that’s the only home with a credit card machine.

* Location addresses  and a map will be posted at Home Grown New Mexico’s website Sunday July 20th, before the tour.



4 responses to “July is an exciting month for Home Grown New Mexico and why you should become a member NOW!

  1. Martin, Cydney

    What time tonight? Also, did you get my check for membership, because it hasn’t gone through yet.

    Cydney Martin
    Santa Fe County Extension Home Economist
    3229 Rodeo Rd.
    Santa Fe NM 87507
    Phone: 505-471-4711
    Fax: 505-471-6076


  2. Could you tell me what time the potluck happens? Thanks.


    • Hi Teresa!-
      The Potluck date was wrong-It is on Wednesday, July 16th, NOT TONITE. Sorry for the error and I have now corrected the web. It will be held at the Whole Foods community Garden off of St. Francis (like before) and starts at 6pm. Hope you can make it! Bring your ‘bug’ questions and take photos on your phone of problems so we can all see (if you have any)


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