Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour-Big success!!


The tour was a big success this year and over 200 people came to it. Hope you all enjoyed it as the tour participants really worked hard in their gardens before the tour to make their gardens beautiful. There were as many different styles of gardens as there were people which is great as everyone has different ideas and we all picked up a few ideas to apply to our gardens next year. It is Home Grown New Mexico’s main fundraiser for the year and planning actually started last September for this year’s tour. Lots of time and effort went into it and a great big thank you to the Home Grown crew, the Master Gardeners who helped out and answered questions at the sites, to Roland of Joe’s Diner for providing food for volunteers, to Osuna Nursery who helped underwrite the event and to edible magazine for putting out the word on their email blasts.

As far as myself goes,  I’m starting to recover from the big garden tour in 2 ways. First I was heavily involved in pulling the tour off and second, I was also on the tour (mine was the 5th house) so I’m double tired and now the tomatoes are starting to come in-so soon I will put on another hat as the Tomato Lady at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market on Saturdays (when I have enough tomatoes) which should be mid-August.

Hope you all enjoyed the tour and thanks for supporting us!

Jannine Cabossel
Home Grown New Mexico, Chairperson


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