Upcoming Workshops and Classes

This year has been one of the best for our classes.   We have had really great offerings and high attendance at all of the classes.  That feels really good because it means we are living up to our mission.  There’s no rest yet though because we still have a couple really good sessions coming up.

This Sunday, Aug 16th, is the mozzarella making class.  We had such a tremendous response for it that we started a wait list.  If we get enough people we will run the class again to meet the demand.  So go ahead and sign up if you are interested.  You can click on the Eventbright banner below to register.

Eventbrite - Cheesemaking-Mozzarella

On September 6th we will be presenting a class on how to use a solar food dryer to preserve your harvest.  We’ve got the sunshine, might as well use it! Learn how easy it is to put up food by drying it.  Drying reduces the weight and volume of what you need to store.  It also concentrates flavors to make healthy delicious snacks for later from the abundance of produce we are getting out of our gardens right now. Last year I was able to turn a case of apples into a couple of gallon sized Ziplock bags full of dried apple slices. It took very little effort from me and they lasted all winter.  Click  the banner below to register.

Eventbrite - Drying your Harvest-Solar Food Drying

In addition to the classes that Home Grown New Mexico puts on we also like to draw your attention to some of the other high quality offerings being put on by others.  We have a few upcoming workshops and classes that we are excited to share with you.

First, are a couple of workshops being offered by Christian Meuli.  Christian has a property in Edgewood where he has been experimenting with managing surface water from rainfall using a variety of techniques.

For those of you that attended the Heugelkulture class earlier this summer, Christian is the originator of sponges,  a simple system used to capture and store water for your trees long term with minimal effort.  He has also developed an innovative berm system using woodchips to slow down water and allow it to soak  into the ground rather than running off your property taking topsoil along with it.

Christian has a lot of great ideas and has been implementing them for long enough that you can see what a mature system looks like years after it’s been installed. Click on the link for a flyer with more specific details.

Woodchip Berm and Windbreak Workshops Flyer

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last.  The lecturer for the Heuglkulture class, Michael Reed, a veteran gardener with over 40 years of experience, offers a six month course called the Mother of all Backyard Gardening Courses at his farm in the South Valley.  This very comprehensive but affordable class meets twice a month for six months.  It runs twice a year from equinox to the equinox.  The new session is starting in September.

In the Mother Course Michael brings his unique holistic view to gardening that you will find nowhere else.  He covers all the systems at play in nature and our relationship with them from a multi-faceted deep understanding that only comes from many years of study and practice..  I took the class and came away with a profoundly changed view of gardening and my role in it.

If you have the time I would highly recommend taking Michael’s course.  Click on the links below for more detailed information on the class.

Mother Course 2015 Dark Side flyer

Mother Course 15-16 Dark Side class descriptions

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