Get a jump on your peas this year

pea pod

Everyone loves spring peas.  So, the sooner you get them in the better right?  Well, maybe….  The thing with peas is that although they are cold hardy and don’t mind  frosts or being snowed on they don’t necessarily love to germinate in cold soil.

The Oregon State Extension Office says that while the range for pea germination is 40°-75°, you should shoot for 75°.  Difficult to do when ground temps are still in the 40s.  That explains why the peas we planted in early Feb didn’t come up until early April.  What to do?  The video below has a great workaround for this dilemma.

pea Movie


2 responses to “Get a jump on your peas this year

  1. Janine,
    I know you meant “Black Eyed Peas”, since they are the food of Texas. ::☺))


  2. gene solyntjes


    Greeting from FLA where I am on vacation. This arrives nicely timed, when due to my need to communicate via the Internet, we have “piggybacked” from my sisters” iPhone Internet provider to mine and thus have got onto the Internet via my laptop out here in the swamps.

    The pea program from someone in Great Britain ( I think) was neat. When I get home I shall look up on your site and determine what peas I shall be planting in the greenhouse. First, a repair to the roof, requiring a crane. That will be fun (?).

    Good Gardening to you!
    Gene and Linda


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