Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour
Sunday, August 6
9 am – 3 pm

Our 7th Annul Kitchen Garden & Coop tour is fast approaching. Do you have your ticket yet?  Come get inspired for your own gardens on this self-paced tour! See five of Santa Fe’s most inspirational gardens. Pick up ideas that you can use at your place or just enjoy these beautiful edible and functional landscapes.

The 5 properties on the tour this year will feature many gardening ideas—beautiful vegetable gardens, fruit trees, backyard chicken coops, composting, backyard bees, greywater systems, greenhouses, a neighborhood community garden, permaculture sites, edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting systems.

Read on for more info on each house and how to buy tickets. You can get a map of the homes on the tour the last week just before the tour here at this site.

Cost: FREE to members/$25 per person for non-members/children under 12 are free

PREPAID TICKETS: You can prepay online with a credit card. If you want to use a credit card, you’ll need to prepay here on this site.



DAY OF TOUR:  Check or cash ONLY accepted on day of tour.  Pay at the first property you visit on the tour.

To print off the map below, go here: 2017 TOUR MAP




1. Amy Hetager Community Garden-1304A Avenida Alizo
If you are a gardener and space is limited where you live or for those of you thinking about joining a community garden, this is a great example.  Sponsored by the City of Santa Fe Parks Division, it was established in 2009, and is one of six such gardens, scattered around the city. It is beautiful and was named after the late Amy Hetager who was one of the founders of Home Grown New Mexico.  We know she would be proud of this garden. Everyone pays a small fee to help cover the cost of water and upkeep of the garden and in return has their own raised garden plot where they can plant and harvest for a season – renewable annually. Many veggies are grown here from corn and tomatoes, to squash, peppers and cucumbers. All the gardeners’ work together maintaining the common areas – including 2 plots planted for the Food Depot, a Worm Compost Bin and a beautiful Perennial planting designed by David Salman. Come see how a model community garden can work.

Also the Santa Fe mayor will be there from 10-10:30 to show support for our city’s efforts to provide community gardening space.


2. Alessandra & Steve Haines-52 Mansion Drive
Steven and Alessandra Haines live on the north end of town off of Bishop’s Lodge Road, where they started their garden 17 years ago. They have an extensive spread of vegetable gardens that wrap around their house. Always tinkering and experimenting with their gardens, they use a variety of techniques from raised beds to mini hoop houses to soilless gardens.  They have a playful approach to garden building using found materials such as corrugated steel roofing to make surprisingly beautiful raised beds.  Not bound to convention one can find a variety of interesting companion plantings such as nasturtiums woven in between the tomatoes or Hubbard squash racing out of a cucumber patch.  Plus they have fruit trees, berries and grapes and veggies in unique containers on their back patio. Alessandra loves the henhouse that Steven built from oak flooring rescued from an old schoolhouse. A greenhouse and cold frame are used to grow starts and veggies in the winter. Alessandra enjoys “innovating” with all the fresh food their garden produces. She says “its all about the compost”. They have been amending their sandy soil w/ food scraps, yard waste and manure: chicken, goat and horse, increasing the fertility of the soil and its ability to hold water.

SCAT (Santa Fe Master Gardeners Compost Action Team) will be on hand to answer your questions about composting.


3. Reese Baker- 2053 Camino Lado
The Bakers live on a small residential lot in central Santa Fe, and every square inch of which is packed to its potential, producing an abundance of fresh fruit, flowers, veggies, berries, and nuts incorporating many Permaculture designs. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Reese owns and manages The Rain Catcher Inc, a full service design/build landscaping company. Rainwater is collected in above and below ground storage tanks and used for irrigation. Gray water from the house is channeled through Zuni bowls to fruit trees and a constructed wetland that filters the water from their washing machine filling a small pond where beautiful fish swim among vigorous water plants. They have developed a ‘food forest’ landscape where most of their annual vegetable garden is intermixed with perennials-many of which are native to Northern New Mexico.  All this, plus five happy hens in a homemade coop of recycled materials. A great example of what one can accomplish in a small, city lot! You will be inspired.

The SNaPP (Santa Fe Native Plant Project) Team and will be at Reese’s home/garden to answer your questions about using Native New Mexican plants in your garden/landscape.


4. Frank Gibbons-2118 Plazuela Vista
Frank Gibbons has been gardening “all his life”.  Starting with landscaping at age 8, he has always been fascinated by the “magic” of watching a seed transform into a plant.  He gained his PhD in Horticulture and eventually taught at California Polytechnic Institute.  At one time he was involved in Gardening as Therapy for mentally ill persons.  He found it was very healing for them and for himself as well. Moving to Santa Fe five years ago and starting his current garden two years ago, he seeks to create a “smaller carbon footprint” for he and his wife Nancy Wilson. He is a beekeeper and is working to create a more bee friendly landscape.  He brews his own beer and mead and has planted hops this year.  He has a special interest in our historic New Mexican pinion pines.  He will  share his approach to controlling “Scale” in these marvelous trees.  He collects the rainwater from his roof in barrels – using it to water the vegetable plants in his raised beds – and makes his own compost.  The Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers will be at this garden to answer your questions about beekeeping.


5. Annie McGovern-77 Johnson Mesa
Annie loves her garden – calling it her “little bit of heaven” and she wants to share it. She grew up in Maine, where she started growing her own food at a young age and she has been gardening ever since-in her current garden here in Santa Fe for the last 14 years. She has created her beautiful vegetable garden in the shape of an octagon, featuring a cold frame. An amazing grapevine surrounds it. She practices succession gardening, filling the spaces left by plants she has harvested with new seeds or seedlings. Thus she is able to harvest throughout the season, putting up the harvest to provide for some of her food needs all year-long. She makes her own compost to “feed her soil” which – feeds her plants – which feed her   She said her garden/landscape is an example of “what anyone can do with a small space, planting in pots and interspersing vegetables, herbs and fruit trees amidst the perennials”. She seeks to inspire others to do the same.



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