Mini Seed Exchange-Shelter With Seeds


Open for the entire month of April. Hours: Daily during daylight hours only

As many of our local seed sharing events were canceled this season we are hoping to facilitate some seed exchange in our community now at the start of the growing season.   Many seed companies are maxed out right now trying to fulfill orders. Planting and producing local food and pollen sources is super important right now and the activity of planting is soothing for the soul.

Seeds can be brought to and taken from the SEED SHELTER through the month of April. People can come and go as they like during daylight hours.

THE SHELTER WITH SEEDS is located at Earth Nurse at the northwest corner of Burro Lane and Quail View off West Alameda. It is adjacent to Burro Lane Park at 3801 Quail View Lane. Please park on the street and use pathways across the field. It is roofed but open sided with plenty of fresh air and shade for the seeds. Earth nurse was stewarded by the Swentzell Family before us and the Pinde Pueblo people who raised turkeys here in pre-historic times.

The SHELTER is unstaffed and we ask you keep it tidy and cover and secure all seeds when done.

BRING ALL YOUR OWN SUPPLIES: baggies, envelopes, pens, hand sanitizer etc.

Please bring viable labeled seeds to share in rodent proof containers such as jars. Seed packets can be sorted by category in the boxes inside the bins.


MAINTAIN physical distance from others. One party at a time in the shelter.

PRACTICE top notch hygiene: sanitize (bring your own) hands before and after handling seeds.

BRING seeds you have to share. Please label and secure in rodent proof bin or glass jar.

TAKE only what you will ACTUALLY PLANT this season.

RESPECT adjacent residences and stay clear of them.

SAVE open pollinated seeds from your crops to share in the future.

Local nurseries are still open as essential businesses! Patronize them for supplies and additional seed.

SHARE your garden results with everyone #shelterwithseeds

3 responses to “Mini Seed Exchange-Shelter With Seeds

  1. This is my first spring back in Santa Fe. Is it okay to take this first year, and give and take in future seasons?



    • yes of course! We want to encourage people to be more sustainable in these trying times by growing their own food. Next year, we should have our big seed exchange but for now, we hope this is helpful. Please save some seeds from what you grow and bring them next year.


  2. Lynn Hathaway

    Thank you all.

    Sent from my iPad Lynn



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