Welcome to 2021!

by Jannine Cabossel/Chairperson
Home Grown New Mexico

Welcome to a new year! Last year was quite a year and I for one am looking forward to a new year that is not so stressful! Corona Virus was and still is rampant but appears that most of us will be able to get the vaccine in the first 6 months which will ease my mind.  Just waiting till they call me up! Home Grown New Mexico came to a screeching halt with our events and classes last year and now we are working on what we can do for this year to feed our souls. So what’s new with HGNM?

Regarding the Seed Exchange-We can’t have our normal HGNM Seed Exchange that we had every year in March, but last year we had a mini-seed shelter station where people could pick up/drop off seeds and it seemed to work well. It was just in the nick of time as many of the nurseries and national seed companies got cleaned out of seeds with many people wanting to grow their own food last year.

This year we will have two seed shelter stations. We are also coordinating with Santa Fe Extension Master Gardeners/The Seed Library. We are all in the process of getting our seed station locations nailed down which we will share later.  So, everyone who wants some seeds should be able to get some. MG/Seed Library will have many stations. Our two seed shelters will be open on weekends only, starting Saturday March 6 and will be open hopefully thru end of April. It will be unmanned so we ask only take what you need to plant for this season (no hoarding please). Still working out the details and will let you know as soon as everything is finalized.

We are changing our membership back to a calendar year which will be good from Jan 1-December 31. Since everyone’s membership has by now expired, we felt it’s a good time to switch back. It was too hard to track it the other way. All 14 people who bought memberships last year will be rolled into this year since we had cancel all events and everyone has been notified. Please consider becoming a member to support us. A bonus is members will get a deep discount on all events/classes. Plus it is tax deductible. Memberships cost will remain the same with individual memberships costing $35 and families/couples costing $60. You can join and pay here online. Just click on MEMBERSHIP in the top menu for details on joining.

Something new in 2020 was the board wrote interesting articles on here on our website since we couldn’t offer classes. This year we will do the same till the classes start. We have gotten lots of positive responses. If you want to read the previous articles, just scroll backwards on our site to catch up.

Our Board of Directors had our first meeting for 2021 to discuss classes/dates and we decided that we are NOT going to have any indoor classes this year but instead we are opting for outdoor events/classes to keep everyone safe. These events will start in June. At least that’s the plan. Our events/classes this year will start in June and go through Sept or October and awaiting confirmation. As far as what events/classes are we going to have? Well, we are working out those details too and will let you know as soon as things are finalized in the next few weeks but the plan is we’ll be back and I can’t wait!

2 responses to “Welcome to 2021!

  1. Sounds like you’re doing a good job in planning for an uncertain time. Now, if it would just rain (or snow – I’m not picky).


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