We just received our newly printed membership cards and will be sending them to everyone who has signed up in 2021 within 2 weeks so you will all have them before our classes/events start on June 6 out at the Tomato Lady’s house.  Here is the class/event schedule online to see the classes/events and to sign up. 

All our events are OUTSIDE this year except for one tour in the fall. There will be plenty of room to space 6 feet apart at every event and masks will be required. The instructors have been vaccinated and the governor now has relaxed the mandates for attending small events so we hope you will be as excited as we are to get outside and learn something new to feed our souls and possibly ourselves in a safe environment. Here is a pdf you can print out (for your frig!) 2021 HG CLASS SCHEDULE_final (but you will still have go online to sign up).

One response to “Memberships/Classes

  1. Deborah Madison

    thank you so much. I’m doing the august seed class with Diane Pratt and the grain trials at la villata.



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