First class this Sunday-Soil Health Principles


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There’s still time to sign up for this class. In case you never heard me talk on my gardening show, I always say the key to a great garden is great soil. “It’s all about the soil baby” as one of my giant pumpkin grower friends once told me and I take it as my motto now. Come and find out how to be good stewarts of the soil,  improve your soil health which will help you grow great vegetables and fruits. Hope to see you there!

Jannine Cabossel/The Tomato Lady



Sunday, June 5th
10 am to 12 pm

Healthy Soils Class

Learn how soil stewardship can increase soil nutrients and increase carbon capture in your backyard-Outside class

Isabelle Jenniches is co-founder of the New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group, a grassroots alliance that formed in 2018 to pass the state’s Healthy Soil Act. The group’s mission is to support land managers in soil health stewardship while creating favorable government policy and raising active awareness in civil society.

In conversation with long-time gardener Alessandra Haines, Isabelle will demonstrate implementation of the 6 soil health principles in the home garden. We will discuss the many benefits of soil health, including increased water infiltration and retention, greater nutrient density of produce, and improved resilience to the effects of climate change and drought.

Instructor: Isabelle Jenniches
Location: 52 Mansion (Alessandra & Steve Haine’s house) • Santa Fe
Fee: $5 for members/$20 for non-members-to become a member and save money for all our events go to our membership page and pay first before registering


Space is limited to 25 people

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    Sunday is the 5th!

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