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Sorry if you checked in earlier today to see what classes we have but we were pedaling as fast as we could to get it done today! We are now happy to announce that they are up on this website. you can go to the top menu and will see all of them under the CLASSES/EVENTS menu or you can go here now and get there as well. Hope you get as excited about them as we are for this year!

Hemp Bound Talk and Workshop

Our gardening season may be over but our friends over at Carbon Economy Series still have some interesting programs coming up. Here is their next one.

Hemp bound book







Carbon Economy Series presents:
Hemp Lecture/Workshop
Friday Night Talk

Friday, November 21, 2014
Time: 7-9 pm
Cost: $10
Speaker: Doug Fine
Where: Santa Fe Community College

Two years of worldwide hemp research that led to the book Hemp Bound.

Full Day Workshop
November 22, 2014
Where: Santa Fe Community College
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Cost: $99

• Latest development in hemp industry
• Panel discussion with industry leaders and trade experts
• Networking sessions.

For more info go to:

A Live Event With Doug Fine
Could it really be true? Seventy-seven years of prohibition of one of humanity’s longest-utilized and most useful plants is ending? It is true. And just in the nick of time. Humanity desperately needs a natural fibers-based replacement for petro- and chemical-plastics, GMO-based foods, and fossil fuel-based energy.  Hemp is that replacement: two years of research by bestselling author Doug Fine shows that anything petroleum, chemicals and GMOs can do, hemp can do better. We’ll learn how to make it happen in the ground and in the economy.

Santa Fe Harvest Swap

Harvest Swap pic

This in from the organization: Radical Homemakers of New Mexico

The third annual Santa Fe Harvest Swap is just around the corner!
It will be held Sunday, OCTOBER 26th 2014 from 10-1pm in the Railyard Park Community Room.

The swap is free, and according to our past participants, one of the funnest events of the year. It is a chance to showcase your specialties from the kitchen, and to take home a wide variety of goodies from fellow swappers. The experience of celebrating the year’s abundance in a joyful exchange will leave you inspired and feeling connected to kindred souls. Come join us!

While the name Harvest Swap was inspired by the epic fruit year of 2012, it is a little misleading. You don’t need to bring things you grew or harvested yourself (though you certainly can). Really most of the swapping is of prepared items: baked treats, specialty condiments, goat cheese and cultured butter, jams and preserves, fermented items, herb teas and tinctures, soap and salves, and so on. Still, all these things originate as a harvest, so in honor of that we’re sticking with the name.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER  PLEASE DO SO HERE!  Participants are limited so sign up now!

Looking forward to seeing you and your creations on the big day!

Your friends at Radical Homemakers of New Mexico

2014 Kitchen Garden and Coop tour a Success!

On Sunday, the 2014 Kitchen Garden & Coop tour was a happening thing. The homes on the tour were packed with many people wanting to see some of the best kitchen gardens in Santa Fe and they weren’t disappointed.  The only thing disappointing was it rained just before it ended at 2 pm but rain around here is never disappointing and always a welcomed relief to our dry climate. So while many of you were scurrying back to your cars at the end of the tour,  your gardens were getting watered, courtesy of Mother Nature!

Thanks to our great sponsors-edible magazine who really helped get the word out, to Osuna Nursery who helped us out financially and to Joe’s Dining who came up with a fantastic lunch for the volunteers on the afternoon shift.

Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped on Sunday and the homeowners who worked so hard to make their gardens beautiful and inspiring— it was an outstanding success. Many many thanks to all of them and to all the public who came out to support this annual fundraising community event. Here are some of the many highlights of the tour. PS-We will put more photos up as they come in…

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2013-Classes This Weekend June 15 & 16

 Here are the two classes from this weekend.  Please sign-up online.

BeeBees & Pollination
Saturday, June 15, 2013 10-12pm
Santa Fe Skies- Indoor Class
14 Browncastle Ranch (end of Cerrillos at Hwy 14 &599)
Enjoy breakfast from Crumpackers Bakery and Cafe

RSVP for this class

The pollination process is necessary for most of our important commercial food and nursery crops. The honeybee is the major pollinator for crops such as grapes, onions, the cucurbits, almonds and fruit crops.  Although there are other pollinators, the farmers of these crops would loose most of their production without the honeybee. This class will provide an in depth look at the pollination process and its relationship with the honeybee. It will include the results of an ongoing study of the garden and wild plants in the Santa Fe area that are available throughout the year to honeybees. An emphasis will be placed on the identification and flowering schedules of the plants most visited by the bees.

Ken Bower has had a passion for growing plants and vegetables since his youth. Living in Santa Fe for the past 14 years, he and his wife created Eldorado Windy Farm. He completed the Master Gardener course in 2001, sells his lavender products and beeswax at the Eldorado Farmer’s Market and assists friends the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.  Ken is also a beekeeper and active member of the Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers Association.  For the past couple years Ken has been actively recording the flowering schedules of plants to determine which pollens are most sought after by his bees.

JannineOrganic Pest Control
Sunday, June 16
Frenchy’s Community Garden
Presented with City of Santa Fe Parks Division

Please RSVP for class

(Park on Osage and Agua Fria and walk to garden.  Past the playground, labryinth and garden in a black fence.  Class is past the garden to the right of orchard on park tables)

Jannine Cabossel, a Master Gardener and ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers Market will teach a class on how to control pests and diseases. Jannine has extensive experience in growing vegetables on her 2000 square foot garden using all organic methods. Follow her blog at Suggested $10 donation or become a member for $35.

Local Organic Meals on a Budget 2013

spicesinbowls2013 Local Organic Meals on a Budget is back with a 3rd season of wonderful classes. They are just $22 for a 90 minute class where you can enjoy tastings.

Kitchen Angels, the Santa Fe Farmers Market InstituteHome Grown New Mexico and The Santa Fe School of Cooking have teamed up to present educational cooking classes on how to cook local, organic meals on a budget.

Joining under the name of the Healthy Food Cooking Coalition of Santa Fe, this community enrichment program brings together the talents and resources of all four partners to put the focus on enjoying healthy, local food that is both delicious and affordable. See the planning committee online.

2013 Schedule of Cooking Classes

 Classes: Each 3rd Wednesday of the month
June through Dec. from 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Location: The Santa Fe School of Cooking
125 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe

You must register in advance for each class. Class fees are non-refundable. Please arrive before 5:30 to enjoy appetizers and so we can start the class on time. Due to unforeseen circumstances, presenters and topics may change without notice.

The Mediterranean Table: 
One chicken, many healthy meals

with Tracy Pikhart Ritter

Executive Chef and Culinary Director, The Santa Fe School of Cooking

June 19th  •  $22 

Register Now! 

Includes tastings, recipes, Whole Foods give-away

Stretch one organic chicken into several spectacular meals with Chef Tracy’s innovative recipes and ideas. She’ll be showing us how to divide up the chicken and make a soup and pasta dish, among others, incorporating the flavors of the Mediterranean!

Chef Tracy is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in NYC and the International Pastry Arts Academy in Katonah, NY. She is considered an expert in nutritional cuisine with an emphasis on Southwestern flavors. Tracy opened the first “Tex Mex” restaurant in NYC in addition to working at Arizona 206, The River Cafe and Gotham Bar & Grill before heading west to become the Executive Chef at the prestigious Golden Door Spa and consultant to Rancho La Puerto in Tecate, Mexico.

Tracy’s Southwestern cuisine was featured on the cover of Bon Appetit Magazine’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in America and in a six page feature in Art Culinaire magazine. She has appeared on Good Morning America and the Food Network numerous times, cooked at the James Beard House as a Rising Chef, trained chefs in Malaysia, debated Julia Child on the merits of healthy cuisine, owned two restaurants in Santa Fe and helped write the curriculum for the New York Restaurant School.

Classes each month:

Please register online for one or all the classes!

July Class: Handmade Pizza with Garden Fresh Veggies, Local & Squisita! with Roland & Sheila Richter the Chef & Restaurant Owners
of Joe’s Dining

August Class: Vegan? Gluten free? 
How about just plain delicious! with Ryan Gabel the Chef, The Palace Restaurant

September Class: Local Organic Cooking Class with Erin Wade the Chef and Restaurant Owner of

October Class: It’s the Great Pumpkin Fest with Harry Shapiro & Peyton Young the Chefs, Cookbook Authors & Restaurant Owners of
Harry’s Roadhouse

November Class: A New Twist on Holiday Favorites
, Turkey Day Timesavers, Tips & Treats with Andrew Cooper, Executive Chef
Terra, Four Seasons Resort Rancho

December Class: Saucy & Raw: Guys in the Kitchen! 
Soups, sauces & tasty holiday treats with Danny Rhodes & Matthew Sherrill

Learn About Squash and Giant Pumpkins- Saturday May 25, 2013

JannineSaturday, May 25
10am – 12pm

Earth Care Community Garden
Country Club and Jaguar (Next to Southside Library)

Jannine Cabossel, a Master Gardener and ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers Market will teach a class on how to grow a giant pumpkin. She has extensive experience in growing vegetables on her 2000 square foot garden using all organic methods. In 2011, she had a 448lb pumpkin named Mad Max that won the largest pumpkin in the state. She will discuss squash bugs, row cover and maintenance for large squash plants. Follow her blog at   Master Gardeners will receive 1 CE credit.

At noon, the garden is hosting their potluck and beginning work day for those that are interested in joining the garden for $25 per year.


2013-Bee and Garden Classes

BeeThe pollination process is necessary for most of our important food crops. Home Grown New Mexico is giving three classes in June to help people understand how to garden to attract these pollinators.

We will also host two homes with bees in the Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour in Santa Fe on July 28th and in Corrales on August 11th.  Keep looking for fundraising ticket sales on this website.

Look at the COMMUNITY CALENDAR for more details on other gardening, beekeeping, cooking classes and other community homesteading classes.

Saturday, June 1st from 9am-11am
Pollinator Garden Planning
(Please RVSP for Class)
Earth Care Community Garden
(Jaguar and Country Club, by Southside Library in Santa Fe, NM)
Home Grown New Mexico and Earth Care
• Loretta McGrath will discuss which plants pollinators love
•Cost $10 suggested donation
For more information: 505-473-1403/

Saturday, June 15th from 10am-12pm
Bees & Pollination Class
Home Grown New Mexico (Please RSVP for Class)
Santa Fe Skies- Indoor Class
14 Browncastle Ranch (end of Cerrillos at Hwy 14 &599) in Santa Fe, NM
• With Ken Bower
• Learn about fruit trees and honeybees
• Enjoy Breakfast from Crumpackers!
•Cost $10 suggested donation
Contact or 473-1403

Saturday, June 29 from 10am-12pm
Pollinator Garden Planning
Skarsgard Farms Urban Agriculture Education Center
3435 Stanford Drive NE in Albuquerque, NM
Home Grown New Mexico and Skarsgard Farms
• Loretta McGrath will discuss which plants pollinators love
•Cost $10 suggested donation
For more information: 505-473-1403/

2013-Crop Mob This Weekend

community farm header_darker1

Crop Mob at Community Farm
1829 San Ysidro Crossing, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Sunday, May 19th
1pm – 4pm

Please RSVP for Event

What is a crop mob?  It began in 2008 in North Carolina to grow sweet potatoes (which is great that we are starting at the community farm that had sweet potatoes last year).  A few times per year they come to help farms with planting.  We would like to have 20+ people volunteer at the community farm to help plant the items in the greenhouse.  We will go to other farms and large gardens to help this season.  Look at the COMMUNITY CALENDAR for updates.

Here is a great quote from the main website: “We work together in the spirit of mutual aid and any crop mobber can call a crop mob to do the kind of work it takes a community to do. We work together, share a meal, play, talk, and make music. No money is exchanged. This is the stuff that communities are made of.” 

Come join us this weekend to help.  Volunteering on this day will show you the farm and introduce you to Lois Harvie, Volunteer Coordinator and Linda Marple, Executive Director.


2013-Container Garden Tips from Bob Ross

Bob Ross seedum

From Bob Ross in a flat container garden

Bob Ross gave a great class at our April potluck and we wanted to share it online. He has a weekly radio show on KSFR called Gardens, Food, and Santa Fe at 10am on Saturdays and opened a new container garden store in the Farmers Market building called Gardens. Customers can learn to create their own with his classes or have one designed one for them. While the primary focus is decorative he will help create food gardens. His inspiration came from gardeners around the country, including Flora Grubb from her location in San Francisco.

Beautiful, Bountiful & Easy

By Bob Ross at or 501-2740

A container garden is a space with beautiful plants that drains well, has great plant selections and is in a lovely container for your space. It can be indoors or outdoors.

Seven Tips for Successful Container Gardens
1. Select the best containers for you
2. Create good drainage
3. Use the best planting mix without fertilizer (MetroMix 702 with Green Moss)
4. Be thoughtful with the plant selection and experiment
5. Manage your container placement
6. Feed your container gardens (MaxSea seeweed)
7. Maintain your creation

Thrill, Fill & Spill

Typically, but not always, container garden plant arrangements are planned around three design concepts: thrill, fill and spill. The thrill provides height, fill are middle height plants, usually full and often billowy and the spill specimens spread out and trail over the side of the container.

A few of the 2013 Container Plant Favorites

Bouvardia ternifolia
Japonica Striped Maize (plant 6″ apart for full color)
‘Blonde Ambition’ Blue Grama Grass
Allium fistulosum ‘Nabechan’
Goodwin Creek Lavender
Gaura ‘Pink Cloud’
Calamagrostis actuflora ‘Karl Forerster’ Grass
Melianthus major ‘Purple Haze’

Dependable Co-Stars

Artemesia ‘Brocade’
Dichrondra ‘Emerald Falls’
Wire Vine
Purple, White & Pink Trailing Petunia
Gaillardia ‘Arizona Apricot’