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Happy 2016 everyone!!


So while winter is here and the gardens are sleeping, we at Home Grown New Mexico are not sleeping. With the new year here, we are busy planning classes and events that we on think will be interesting to you in 2016. We plan on having a meeting later this month to firm things up and will then share with you all the good news as it unfolds.

We also will have some changes in how the membership works this year that we know you will like. Our membership doubled last year and hope you will all join again!

Last year we know we were on the right track as every class filled up and we got some great feedback. We learned that Sundays seems to be good for everyone and you all will even travel on a field trip like the one we had up at Gordon Tooley’s Tree Farm in Truchas.

Some other highlights last year included the cheese classes (we plan to have more this year), the Permaculture classes, the Seed Exchange, the Early Spring Planting Class, the Microgreens Class, and actually every class was great! I know cause I went to every one of them and learned so much from all the great teachers.

Then we had a great Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour last summer with every home on the tour having fantastic gardens that gave us all some great ideas for our own gardens.

We had a potluck in the fall with Deborah Madison as our guest speaker and had a fantastic turnout. It was held at Paul and Christine Drumright’s beautiful home.  It seemed like this was the perfect time for everyone to catch up, share some great harvest food, enjoy Paul’s gardens and house and listen to a wonderful speaker.

So let this be a tickler before we unfold what 2016 reveals!

Happy 2016 everyone!!

Jannine Cabossel
Chairperson, Home Grown New Mexico

The Mother of all Backyard Gardening Courses

Mike pic

For those of you interested in learning more about Permaculture and applying it to your property and gardens, you need to read on and then take this course. It is offered by Michael Reed whose was our instructor for our Heiugelkultur class this spring. We learned a lot in this class but realized there is so much more to learn from him about Permaculture. This class is not put on by Home Grown New Mexico but we fully support what Michael does and are excited he is offering this 6 month class to all of us.

Michael Reed is a Permaculture instructor and farmer in the South Valley in Albuquerque. His versatile background includes three terms as president of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association. He is a dedicated educator and advocate for ethical and responsible living, and works tirelessly to preserve and enhance regionally appropriate agroecosystems.

He is a founding member of the Save New Mexico Seeds Coalition and is part of a collaborative effort to collect and cultivate heirloom and adapted fruits, nuts, berries and perennials that can thrive in New Mexico’s challenging environment. There are currently over 600 different varieties in the collection, with over 400 found at his farm. Currently he is working on the design and installation of three different food forest projects throughout the state.

With over twenty five years of experience in year-round growing in this region, Michael teaches portions of the Permaculture Design Certification course offered by the Permaculture Institute as well as his own, year-round, Mother of All Backyard Gardening Courses.

Michael’s farm, La Orilla, is a living laboratory bursting with diversity. From the several hundred fruit trees to the perennial greens beds to the greywater fed vegetable beds there are working examples of theory being put into practice everywhere you turn.

The Mother of all Backyard Gardening Courses is a very comprehensive but affordable class that meets twice a month for six months at his farm in the South Valley.  The course runs twice a year from equinox to equinox.  The new session starts September 26th. Michael is graciously allowing people to come to the first class for free to try out the course before they commit to the series.

In the Mother Course Michael brings his unique holistic view to gardening that you will find nowhere else.  He covers all the systems at play in nature and our relationship with them from a multi-faceted deep understanding that only comes from many years of study and practice.  After taking the class you will come away with a profoundly changed view of gardening.

If you would like your gardening efforts to work with nature in a deeper more skillful manner there is no better series of classes available than the Mother Course.  Come to the first free class to see for yourself. If you can’t make the first class or the whole series don’t fret.  You are welcome to drop in and take the classes a la carte. Just contact Michael so he knows to expect you.

Click on the links below for Michael’s contact information, more detailed information on the course and the topics covered in each class.

Mother Course 2015 Dark Side flyer

Mother Course 15-16 Dark Side class descriptions


Permaculture class wrap up

jeremiah kidd info

The Permaculture class was great with Jeremiah Kidd teaching us some basic concepts of Permaculture, showed us examples of what can be done in New Mexico, and gave us lists of edible plants and flowers that can be grown here as well. Unfortunately the slide show file is too big to put on this website or we would put it here, so I hope you all took good notes for those of you who attended. We had 35 people sign up for the class and every seat was filled. If you’d like a consultation please contact Jeremiah Kidd at the information above.

Permaculture class this Sunday, May 31, 2015

permaorchardCLASS REMINDER!!

Sun. May 31, 2015
Permaculture class
Permaculture for the Home Gardener, Increasing yields while reducing work!
Time: 12 pm —2 pm
Instructor: Jeremiah Kidd
Location: 3229 Rodeo Road (Rodeo Grounds/Large Annex building Master Gardener classroom) CLASS IS NOW FULL

Jeremiah will talk about Permaculture and cover perennials and guilds and unusual plants in the edible landscape.




Jeremiah Kidd, owner of San Isidro Permaculture, has extensive expertise in the design and development of highly productive and beautiful edible landscapes. His edible landscapes incorporate edible annuals, herbs, flowers, medicinals and vegetables as well as perennials, shrubs and trees.

$5.00 donation suggested.

 Become a 2015 Member for only $35 – includes all classes and tour. TAX DEDUCTIBLE!