Hot Sauces and Cold Relishes using fermentation methods

A NOTE ON THE BOKASHI COMPOSTING CLASS“The Bokashi composting class on June 10th was great. Taught us a different way to compost using fermentation and anaerobic composting method instead of the traditional aerobic composting that I have done. Going to definitely try this.”
Giant Veggie Gardener/The Tomato Lady of Santa Fe


Now for the next Home Grown New Mexico class! Still room to sign up

Sunday, June 24th—
12 noon to 2 pm

Hot Sauces and Cold Relishes
In this workshop, you will learn how to make a fermented hot sauce from dried chiles and a spicy fermented relish (or chutney). We’ll also make pickled vegetables and discuss when (and when not) to use vinegar and/or refrigeration.

Fermentation is easy, but requires patience – a declining virtue in today’s “fast-food culture”. Many foods can be fermented, including condiments. Historians tell us that Confucius “would not eat food without its proper jiang (fermented condiment)”. Sriracha is now the #1 condiment in the U.S., replacing ketchup! A few years ago, that would have been unthinkable, but changing demographics and new research on the healthy biome has contributed to the rediscovery of ancestral practices of food preparation and preservation. For many, a little heat simply just tastes good!

Long before refrigeration and canning were invented, people preserved foods by salting and fermenting them. Salt inhibits the yeasts that break down sugars into alcohol, and creates an environment that allows lactobacilli to digest starches and make lactic acid. This lactic acid acts as a preservative and provides many other health benefits.

Please join us for a fun session of chopping and stuffing veggies, and tasting the results. Fermentation isn’t just about sauerkraut – there’s a whole world of veggies and fruits out there waiting for your discovery!

Instructor: Teri Buhl
Location: 2520-B Camino Entrada (Santa Fe Area HomeBuilders Association-next to Habitat ReStore on south side) • Santa Fe
Fee: FREE for members/$10 non-member

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Eventbrite - Hot Sauce and Cold Relishes


Bokashi-Japanese Composting Method

Still time to sign up for this fantastic class using fermentation method from Japan for making compost. Totally different than traditional composting or vermi-composting. Gardeners should come and check this one out. Very easy method. Sign up below.

bokashiSunday, June 10th—
12 noon to 2 pm

Bokashi Composting Method-Scraps to Soil in Weeks!
Have kitchen waste? Don’t like to turn piles? Want to make great soil? Then the Bokashi system of fermenting your kitchen waste might be for you. Utilizing a select set of micro-organisms, your waste is turned into a potent pre-compost which, when added to your soil, is rapidly converted to rich soil, ready to plant in a few weeks. What’s in your bucket?

Instructor: Kathy Morse
Location: 2520-B Camino Entrada (Santa Fe Area HomeBuilders Association-next to Habitat ReStore on south side) • Santa Fe
Fee: FREE for members/$10 for non-member

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Eventbrite - Bokashi Composting Method-Scraps to Soil in Weeks!

Next Class-Pasta! Learn how to make ravioli-April 29th-FINISHED


Still time to join us! Sign up now!

Sunday, April 29th—
12 noon to 2 pm

Pasta Making class-Ravioli
Join Michelle Michelotti-Martinez of Eatentions to learn the art of pasta making. She will talk about the use of certain flour and other ingredients to obtain the best results for fresh pasta & demonstrate how to roll out the dough, dry, & cut the pasta. A quick pan sauce will be demonstrated & we will finish with a sampling!

Instructor: Michelle Michelotti-Martinez
Location: 2520-B Camino Entrada (Santa Fe Area HomeBuilders Association-next to Habitat ReStore on south side) • Santa Fe
Fee: $20 per person for members or non-members

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Eventbrite - Pasta Making Class-Ravioli

Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 21st

Come celebrate Earth Day in Santa Fe on April 21st-10 am to 2 pm at the Railyard Park. Free workshops and demos, vendors, music and more! Come visit our table, Home Grown New Mexico and see what great classes/workshops we are having for 2018. We are all about growing, raising, harvesting, cooking and preserving homegrown food using organic and sustainable methods for urban gardeners. If you like to grow food, you should join us for some classes or better still become a member.

Biochar workshop and Miso demo update

The first two Home Grown New Mexico classes have been completed. Both were great!

The first class pictured above, a Biochar workshop by Michael Reed was on March 25 down in South Valley, Albuquerque and the participants learned about biochar, what it is and watched how to do a burn to make biochar and then took a tour of Michael Reed’s property.


The second class pictured above, a Miso workshop by Nao Sadewic, was last Sunday, April 8th here in Santa Fe. It was great learning about koji, miso and other Japanese foods. We had samples of different foods made with koji, a slide presentation and a demo on how to make miso.

Miso Class and Demo-this Sunday-FINISHED






Sunday, April 8th—12 noon to 2 pm
Miso Workshop and Demonstration
Miso is created by fermenting rice Koji, salt and soybeans.
This flavorful, enzyme-packed condiment can be used for many dishes. In this workshop, you will learn: variety of miso, why miso is considered to be healthy food, and how to incorporate miso into everyday diet. The instructor will do a miso making demonstration.

Instructor: Nao Sadewic
Location:  (Santa Fe Area HomeBuilders Association-next to Habitat ReStore on south side) • 2520 Camino Entrada
Santa Fe, NM
Fee: $15 per person for members or non-members

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Eventbrite - Miso Workshop and Demonstration

Biochar Demonstration Workshop in Albuquerque-March 25-FINISHED

Don’t Forget! Sign up now!

Sunday, March 25th—
12 noon to 2 pm

Biochar Demonstration Workshop-South Valley, Albuquerque area
Many of you have attended Michael Reed’s Permaculture classes with us. This year we will be going to his property in South Valley to learn about Biochar. This workshop includes: a sample burn to make the charcoal; hands-on participation in loading a drum with already shredded material; a full discussion of how to inoculate the charcoal to turn it into biochar, including several different recipes; and demonstration of how to incorporate the prepped biochar into the soil. We’ll also give you a zip-loc bag full of finished biochar for your very own.

Instructor: Michael Reed/Permaculturist
Location: Michael Reed’s property • 2401 Black Mesa Loop SW, South Valley, Albuquerque area 87105 • directions will be sent out 2 days before the event to those who sign up
Fee: FREE for members/non-member

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