Seed Exchange

seed exchange 2022

Home Grown NM is offering our annual SEED EXCHANGE this year for one day only.

This year we have rented the Railyard Conservancy room behind SITE Santa Fe, across the street from the Farmers Market. It will be inside the room and also just outside the room. !0 people at a time will be allowed to enter the room but you can look at the outside tables with seeds also while you wait to get in. The garage doors will be open for air circulation. Masks required.

If you are looking for free seeds for your vegetable or flower garden or have some to share, start this new gardening season with us at the Santa Fe Seed Exchange. Please bring any seeds you may have to share. It is not necessary but helps keep our seed supply going.

Tuesday, March 22th
2 pm to 4 pm

Home Grown New Mexico Seed Exchange-FREE

Where: Railyard Park classroom 701 Callejon (behind SITE Santa Fe) • Santa Fe
Fee: FREE for everyone!


9 responses to “Seed Exchange

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  2. Hi from Oklahoma, I visited Santa Fe in 1985 and bought a small green, with faint stripes, round squash. I got it at a fruit stand. Don’t recall the name. The man said to fry it like corn. So I did. It was delicious. Unfortunately, I left the seeds on a picnic table in a camp ground. I haven’t been able to find it since. I’ve looked for it all these years. Would anyone know what that squash might be? Thank you very much.


  3. gene c. solyntjes

    Jannine, Wednesday the 22nd of March?


  4. ? On day and date , which is it ?


  5. So bummed to have missed this. I must have missed the newsletter this month. Can there be another one??


    • Sorry we only do it 1x/year. We only send out updated posts when you sign up on our website, on the upper left hand column, titled ‘Follow this blog’ (WHICH WE RECOMMEND TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES so you don’t miss out in the future)

      BUT the Santa Fe Southside Library branch on 6559 Jaguar Drive here in Santa Fe, have free seeds and are open on weekends too. Sorry you missed it. Hope this helps.


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