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Hemp Bound Talk and Workshop

Our gardening season may be over but our friends over at Carbon Economy Series still have some interesting programs coming up. Here is their next one.

Hemp bound book







Carbon Economy Series presents:
Hemp Lecture/Workshop
Friday Night Talk

Friday, November 21, 2014
Time: 7-9 pm
Cost: $10
Speaker: Doug Fine
Where: Santa Fe Community College

Two years of worldwide hemp research that led to the book Hemp Bound.

Full Day Workshop
November 22, 2014
Where: Santa Fe Community College
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Cost: $99

• Latest development in hemp industry
• Panel discussion with industry leaders and trade experts
• Networking sessions.

For more info go to: http://www.carboneconomyseries.com/location/dougs-fine-workshop/

A Live Event With Doug Fine
Could it really be true? Seventy-seven years of prohibition of one of humanity’s longest-utilized and most useful plants is ending? It is true. And just in the nick of time. Humanity desperately needs a natural fibers-based replacement for petro- and chemical-plastics, GMO-based foods, and fossil fuel-based energy.  Hemp is that replacement: two years of research by bestselling author Doug Fine shows that anything petroleum, chemicals and GMOs can do, hemp can do better. We’ll learn how to make it happen in the ground and in the economy.