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Become A Yardmaster at the Railyard

Here is an announcement from the Railyard Stewards on an opportunity to help keep the park beautiful and learn about the landscape.

We’ve Been Working on the Railyard

Discover how one day of your time, 24 hours over the year, will help the Railyard Stewards keep the Railyard Park on track. Orientation for the new Railyard Yardmasters volunteer gardeners is Saturday, March 24 at the Railyard Community Room, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Local experts will discuss the history, design, and gardens of Santa Fe’s favorite outdoor public space. To register, or for more information contact Alanna of the Railyard Stewards at 505-316-3596 or alanna@railyardpark.org and visit www.railyardpark.org.

Railyard Yardmasters garden together to keep Santa Fe’s favorite public space vibrant and beautiful while learning about life in the high desert. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary! There are many incentives to being a Yardmaster including free training and workshops, the intangible reward of enriching the visitor’s experience of the Railyard Park, and dedication awards.

Did you know that the Santa Fe Railyard Park was created through one of the largest community park planning projects in the country and has won numerous awards? The Railyard Park is an innovative 10-acre outdoor space with community food gardens, unique recreation areas, xeriscaped gardens, and meadows of native grass and wildflower. Along with coordinating the Yardmasters and service learning opportunities at the Park, the Railyard Stewards fill the park with positive, engaging community activities. The more we bring this care and programming to the park, the safer and more vibrant it becomes.

Seed Starting Class March 3

Garden Seed Starting Class
Saturday, March 3
10:00 to 11:30 am

Presented by Home Grown New Mexico and the Railyard Stewards

Jannine Cabossel, a Master Gardener and ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers Market will teach a class on how to start seeds for your garden. Jannine has extensive experience in growing vegetables organically on her 2000 square foot garden using all organic methods. Follow her blog. COST: Suggested $10 donation

LOCATION: This event will take place in the Railyard Park.  Meet at the community room behind SITE Santa Fe, off of Paseo de Peralta.  It is a metal corrugated building.

QUESTIONS: Contact homegrownnewmexico@gmail.com or call 473-1403.  Visit homegrownnewmexico.org for details of other community homesteading classes this year.

Herb Walk in the Railyard Park

Don’t miss this education class from Home Grown New Mexico next weekend.

Herb Walk in the Railyard
Saturday, May 21
10:00 to 11:30 am

Presented with the Railyard Stewards

Edible, useful, and medicinal plants can be found everywhere, all the way from the high mountains to a park in the middle of the city. Come spend some enjoyable time exploring the plants in the Railyard Park. You may be surprised at what you find! With a lively and interactive teaching style, Carole will share her knowledge about the properties of the plants in our midst, including instructions about harvesting and drying plants, making herb teas, and using plants for first aid.

Suggested donation of $10

This event will take place in the Railyard Park.  Meet at the community room near the parking lot behind SITE Santa Fe, off of Paseo de Peralta.  It is a metal corrugated building.

Carole Tashel, an avid student of the school of nature for 30 years, is still moved by the beauty, effectiveness, and revolutionary aspects of natural healing. She is an herbalist and gardener, and author of Gardening the Southwest: How to care for your land while growing food, beauty and medicine (1999).

Spring Tree Pruning Classes at the Railyard

Here is an announcement from the Railyard Stewards.  Contact http://www.railyardpark.org/ for more information.

SATURDAY MARCH 26, 10:30 – 12:30

This is the time of year to prune back those dead branches and shape your fruit trees. However, more harm than good can be done if pruned incorrectly.  Learn the correct techniques for pruning fruit trees and general rules for pruning any tree. Are your trees just ornamental? Are they focused on fruit production? Maybe a little bit of both? What insects and other problems do you need to watch out for this time of year? Do you have some specific problems with any tree that you would like expert advice on?  Led by Robert Wood, ISA (International Society of Arboiculture) Certified Arborist and Certified Municipal Arborist, Santa Fe Parks Department.

Meet near the new community room (silver corrugated building near the parking lot behind SITE Santa Fe).   To reserve a spot or for more information, contact the Railyard Stewards at info@railyardpark.org or call 316-3596.  Hope to see you there!