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10 Things to Do in February

This week Home Grown New Mexico will begin posting tips and ideas from other New Mexico bloggers that support community homesteading. Welcome to Jannine Cabossel this week. She is a Master Gardener, ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers Market and writes the Giant Veggie Gardener blog about her experience in her 2,000 foot artisan garden with award winning large pumpkins and of course tomatoes. You can follow her at http://giantveggiegardener.com

10 Things to Do in February

From Giant Veggie Gardener Blog by Jannine Cabossel

Well February is upon us and although for most of us gardeners it is a quieter time of year, there are still things we can start to do to prepare for this coming season. Here are 10 things you can do in February.

1. We haven’t gotten a lot of moisture, so on a nice warm day, water your trees and bushes this February. Don’t forget to empty your hose of the water so it will be ready to water again. (Nothing worse than a frozen hose). If we don’t get significant moisture, we should water once a month for established trees and plants and more for those we planted last fall. Of course if the ground is frozen where they are-don’t worry about watering frozen ground.

2. Go over your seed catalogs, make your lists of what you want to plant this coming season (go ahead-go wild-order more than you need-I do!))

3. Order your seeds so you will be ready to start planting. Cool season crops can be started later in March outside.

4. You can start some seeds inside-spinach, chard, peas and arugula to be ready to transplant outside next month.

5. How about cleaning, sharpening, and oiling your garden tools (after you find them)

6. If you do start seeds inside, clean all your containers with 10% bleach/water to disinfect them.

7. Turn your compost pile if it isn’t frozen.

8. Check your vermicomposting red wrigglers. Have you fed them recently?

9. If you haven’t cleaned up your old garden be sure you do. Bad bugs hang out in dead leaves and plants and diseases can stay on your soil in dead leaves.

10. Read some good books-gardening and otherwise!