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Green Tomato Recipes

We received many emails and calls from people who had their tomato plants freeze over the weekend.  Many of you removed the tomatoes before the freeze.  If your tomatoes did freeze, they can be cooked and eaten but not re-frozen. If you got them before the freeze, they can be on the counter in the sun or my great-grandmother wrapped them in newspaper to have them ripen. They will not taste like the summer tomato, but will be tastier than buying them from the grocery store. Many think about fried green tomatoes as a recipe, but there are many salsas, chutneys, pies and other dishes that you can make with them.  Here are a few.

Green Tomato Chutney
From Simply Recipes
This is a great blog to follow and I have cooked several of her recipes.  This one is a good way to make a large batch of chutney and share with friends.
Click here for recipe

Pickled Green Tomatoes
From Food in Jars Cookbook
This is a great blog to teach people how to can and preserve food.  Good recipes for jams, salsas and these pickled tomatoes. The cookbook came out earlier this year.
Click here for recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes with Vinegar Sauce
From Bon Appetit
Here is one of the classic recipes updated with a great sauce.
Click here for recipe

Green Tomato Cake
From Beneficial Farms CSA
Here is a recipe that I have made many times and is sweet with the bitterness of green tomatoes.  I picked my tomatoes about a month ago for our first freeze and they have all turned to a ripe red color.
Click here for the recipe

Organic Pest and Disease Control Class- June 25

Organic Pest and Disease Control
Saturday, June 25
9:00 to 10:30 am

Presented with the Milagro Community Garden

Jannine Cabossel, a Master Gardener and ‘The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers Market will teach a class on what organic controls to use for pests and diseases for vegetable crops. Jannine has extensive experience in growing vegetables organically on her 2000 square foot garden using all organic methods. She will provide information and handouts on how to control: aphids, squash bugs, squash vine borers, tomato hornworms, leafhoppers, cabbage loopers, grasshoppers and many other bugs that harm or eat our crops. She will talk about tomato diseases and how to trouble shoot them. She will also talk about many of the fungal diseases that attack tomatoes and curcubits (squash, cucumbers) and what organic methods to use to help these crops. Come learn how to grow vegetables using organic methods.

Click here to follow her blog

COST: Suggested $5 donation to community garden

LOCATION: Milagro Community Garden on Legacy and Rodeo Road.  Turn on Legacy and the parking lot is on the right, behind the Lutheran Church of the Servant.  Call 473-1403 or email homegrownnewmexico@gmail.com for questions.