Community Gardens

Eldo Community Garden RAISED_BEDS_IN_GARDEN

There are great garden plots available in Santa Fe’s community gardens. We give you the following info as a courtesy to our fellow gardeners but are not involved in any of the community gardens.

If you are interested in gardening this summer but don’t have the space to do it or want to learn more about gardening, or just enjoy the camaraderie of gardening with others—run, don’t walk, to one of the following community gardens. They’re available on a first come, first serve basis and are going fast!

The are currently City of Santa Fe Community Gardens The plots are available for a fee. Some may still have plots available.

Contact Jessie at 505-955-2106 for information about availability and locations. They are:

• Amy Hetager Community Garden

• Maclovia Community Garden

• Cielo Vista Community Garden

• Alto Street Community Garden

• Adam Armijo Community Garden

• Colonia Prisma Community Garden

The Railyard Community Garden is still accepting applications for 50 square ft. parcels. The plots are available for a fee. Planting will begin in April. For more info contact to Eric at:

The Milagro Community Garden accepts new gardeners and has a waiting list. Plots are approximately 10’ by 16’ and there is an annual membership fee, with a separate one-time fee for the first year. Full and partial scholarships are available. Contact for more information.

The Eldorado School Community Garden offers 4′ x 8′ individual beds as well as membership in an approx. 3000 sq. ft. communal or “circle” garden.  There is a one-time membership fee  plus a fee for an individual bed or a different fee for the circle garden. Visit the garden on Facebook and contact Carol Robles or 240-478-8685 to sign up.

13 responses to “Community Gardens

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  3. I would like to garden in a C.G.


    • Maria,
      Thank you for your interest. We have 10 community gardens in Santa Fe. Can you call me to discuss where you live and I can connect you to the best garden. My name is Amy and phone number is 473-1403.


  4. Are there any commmunity gardens in Santa Fe where people donate time gardening together then can reap/share the rewards (yummy veggies?…fun, etc.) Or do all plots cost money to join per season?


  5. Hi, my name is Lisa; and there are a few of us at the homeless shelter whom would enjoy nurturing a garden plot and maybe sharing the fruits of our plot production with the shelter. As there currently are no garden programs currently available at any of the shelters.



    • Hi there-Call this person in charge of all the community gardens to see if they have some program available.
      Contact Jessie Esparza at 955-2106
      for information about availability and locations.


  6. Daniel Owsiany

    Is this program still functioning? I haven’t seen any postings since June of 2017. Please advise.


    • We’ve been here. In fact we’ve had 40 posts since 2017. We suggest if you are not keeping up on what’s new for our organization and are interested in doing so, that you sign up for notices for any new posts to keep updated. You can sign up here on our website in the left hand column under ‘FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL’. Hope you visit more.


  7. I have retired to Santa Fe and have a passion for gardening. Can I get a plot?


    • You need to go to back to the RESOURCE page ON THE TOP MENU on this site where ‘Community gardens’ are listed and contact the appropriate people for the different gardens and availability. It’s all listed right there. We don’t have anything to do with the community gardens but want to make the info available to those interested.


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