Spring Beer Brewing class

Brewing Class1

Our next class is also a fundraiser for Home Grown New Mexico and has been a fun class in the past. Come learn how to brew your own beer at home!

Sunday, April 24 and May 8—Fundraising event!
Spring Beer Brewing-two day workshop

Sunday, April 24-1st session, 11 am to 3 pm-bring a sack lunch
Introduction to the Extract Method of Beer Brewing
learn how to brew your own beer at home
Instructor: Duskin Jasper
Location: Liquid Light Glass Studio-926 Baca Street • Santa Fe, NM (next to counterculture cafe)
Fee: $35 for members and non-members for both

Class is limited.  Please sign up for this 2 day class through Eventbrite:

Eventbrite - Introduction to the Extract Method of Beer Brewing

This is a two part class. In the first session using basic ingredients such as malt extract, hops, water and yeast we will brew 12 gallons of beer with simple equipment that is readily available to the home brewer. Then in the second session we will bottle the beer we made 2 weeks earlier. Each student will take home some beer.

Sunday, May 8, second session-11 am to 3 pm. Bring a sack lunch
Spring Beer bottling-Part 2 of the Beer making workshop
Learn how to bottle the beer you made on April 24
Instructor: Duskin Jasper
Location: Liquid Light Glass Studio • 926 Baca Street • Santa Fe, NM (next to counterculture cafe)

Grafting Workshop at Tooley’s Trees


Tooley’s Trees held a workshop this March on grafting.  Grafting is the technique of cloning trees by combining a branch of new growth (scion) from a tree you want to reproduce with compatible rootstock.  Growing trees from seed can produce a whole variety of  different characteristics than the  parents had.  Grafting allows you to reliably reproduce trees with the qualities that you want to preserve. They do hundreds of grafted trees at Tooley’s each year combining trees that are proven to be hardy in our climate with the appropriate rootstock.  This workshop allowed us to learn how to do the the process from the masters.  Each student got to bring home five newly grafted trees to boot!


Collecting scion wood from the orchard.


Rootstock being stored in straw.


Putting the scions and rootstock together to make new trees!

Woo! Hoo! Eldorado can raise chickens following appeals court ruling


For several years now, some of the Eldorado residents who wanted to raise a few chickens fought with their Homeowner Association (HOA) as to whether they can keep chickens as pets. The HOA said they could not raise them in the Eldorado subdivision just southeast of Santa Fe. The homeowners took the HOA to court at great costs and now the appellate court has ruled in their favor of allowing them to keep chickens.  YEA!! It’s about time that the courts saw the value of keeping chickens even if the HOA does not. Chickens are not noisy, they are friendly, and they lay eggs! What pet gives that for you! A pet with a purpose! Nothing better than fresh eggs! Congrats to all who fought for their right to have chickens! To read the story in The New Mexican, go here.

Spring Cycle of the Mother Class is Starting

Mike pic

For those of you interested in learning more about Permaculture and applying it to your property and gardens, you need to read on and then take this course. It is offered by Michael Reed who is the instructor for our Soil Building class this weekend.  This class is not put on by Home Grown New Mexico but we fully support what Michael does and are excited he is offering this 6 month class to all of us.

Michael Reed is a Permaculture instructor and farmer in the South Valley in Albuquerque. His versatile background includes three terms as president of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association. He is a dedicated educator and advocate for ethical and responsible living, and works tirelessly to preserve and enhance regionally appropriate agroecosystems.

He is a founding member of the Save New Mexico Seeds Coalition and is part of a collaborative effort to collect and cultivate heirloom and adapted fruits, nuts, berries and perennials that can thrive in New Mexico’s challenging environment. There are currently over 600 different varieties in the collection, with over 400 found at his farm. Currently he is working on the design and installation of three different food forest projects throughout the state.

With over twenty five years of experience in year-round growing in this region, Michael teaches portions of the Permaculture Design Certification course offered by the Permaculture Institute as well as his own, year-round, Mother of All Backyard Gardening Courses.

Michael’s farm, La Orilla, is a living laboratory bursting with diversity. From the several hundred fruit trees to the perennial greens beds to the greywater fed vegetable beds there are working examples of theory being put into practice everywhere you turn.

In the Mother Course Michael brings his unique holistic view to gardening that you will find nowhere else.  He covers all the systems at play in nature and our relationship with them from a multi-faceted deep understanding that only comes from many years of study and practice.  After taking the class you will come away with a profoundly changed view of gardening.

The Mother of all Backyard Gardening Courses is a very comprehensive but affordable class that meets twice a month for six months at his farm in the South Valley.  Michael teaches each class on Saturday and then again the following Monday so you can pick either day to fit your schedule.  The whole course runs twice a year from equinox to equinox.  The new session starts March 19th.

If you would like your gardening efforts to work with nature in a deeper more skillful manner there is no better series of classes available than the Mother Course.  If you can’t make the first class or the whole series don’t fret.  You are welcome to drop in and take the classes a la carte. Just contact Michael so he knows to expect you.

Click on the links below for Michael’s contact information, more detailed information on the course and the topics covered in each class.

Mother Course 2016  flyer

Mother Course Schedule and Class Descriptions

Whoa!! Classes are not full


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Whoa!! Listen up! It has come to our attention that when people go to sign up for our classes or events it appears that they were already full. Eventbrite had the cutoff date to sign up on March 12 for everything, which is incorrect. (All cutoff dates are about 2 days before the start of the event) Although some classes will fill up early, there are lots of spaces still available for most classes/events. The problem has been fixed at Eventbrite. We encourage you to try to sign up again for whatever classes/events you want to go to. (The only one that is almost truly full is the Mozzarella class which is at 10 people out of 12 allowed in the class.)


Soil Building Class this Sunday March 20!

We still have some openings for this class. Should be great so don’t miss it.  Good soil means better harvest. Come learn about key factors to building great soil. Remember, ‘It’s all about the soil baby’!

Sundfertile-soil-is-madeay, March 20­    Bringing Vitality to Your Soil From a Permaculture Perspective
Time: 12 noon to 2 pm
Instructors: Michael Reed and Michael Warren


Location: 52 Mansion Drive • Santa Fe
Directions: Head east on Paseo De Peralta (north)
Turn left onto Bishops Lodge Rd
Turn left onto Mansion Dr
Designation will be on the left (first house – park on Mansion Rd and walk down to house.

Fee: FREE for members/$5 suggested donation for non-members

Please sign up here through Eventbrite:

Eventbrite - Bringing Vitality to Your Soil From a Permaculture Perspective

Soil: The Matrix — We’ll go from micro to macro-texture, structure, individual ingredients (including trace elements, micronutrients), pH, etc.; the living components and the mutable components (water and air, for example); the soil as an organism, with a special emphasis on the introduction of the great translators and coordinators-the fungi; the landscape-soil stability and erosion and why we need to consider these factors

About the instructor: Michael Reed is an environmental philosopher and a certified permaculture teacher and designer. He served three terms as president of the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association and is a founding member of Save New Mexico Seeds. He is passionate about growing native and regionally appropriate food and medicinal plants.

Help keep this class free! Become a 2016 Member here for only $35 – includes most classes, potlucks and tour. TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Next up-Home Grown New Mexico Seed Exchange on March 15

Calling all gardeners!
Don’t miss this FREE EVENT!


Santa Fe Seed Exchange
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
3 pm – 6 pm
at Frenchy’s Barn
(intersection of Agua Fria and Osage)

If you are looking for seeds and ideas for your vegetable garden, come to the Santa Fe Seed Exchange on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 from 3 pm-6 pm in Frenchy’s Barn on Agua Fria and Osage Ave. The City Parks Division and Home Grown New Mexico are hosting this event for all community gardens, school gardens and home gardeners. It’s free and you’ll get great seeds!

Other groups who will be at the Seed Swap:
The Santa Fe Master Gardeners will have several info tables there where you can get how-to info on composting, growing native plants and more.








In addition The SeedBroadcast organization will have their seedbroadcasting truck present. They can answer questions about saving seeds and have seed story recording equipment to record your story.  Tell your story about the seed, where you got it, how you planted it and more.  See their website for stories across America. Do you have a great seed story? Tell them!

The Tomato Lady will be there at the Home Grown New Mexico table inside the barn. There will be some of her tomato seeds and giant vegetable varieties available as well in case any of you want to try growing a giant this year!

This is great resource for gardeners and a fabulous way to start off the growing season and catch up with your fellow gardeners. Vegetable, flower and herb seeds will be available inside the barn.

There are plenty of seeds available so come even if you do not have any to share. Bring flower, herb, vegetable and other seeds if you have any. Please label any seeds you bring.

If you have questions, please contact: homegrownnewmexico1@gmail.com